Welcome to the Handstand Movement! THM was initially created as an incentivised challenge to help others gain a new skill during Covid-19 lockdown, The Handstand Movement is quickly becoming the go to program for beginners’ or anyone wanting to learn how to handstand. As well as being a place to learn a new skill, we are also creating a handstand community who can help motivate and inspire everyone on their own journey.

The Handstand Movement Beginners Program and Workshops have been developed by Natalie who learnt to handstand as an adult. She has spent a number of years learning how to master the handstand. During this time, Natalie has learnt from a variety of athletes within varied disciplines such as gymnastics, hand balancing and calisthenics. Natalie has combined all the knowledge she has learnt so far and put it together to create a programs and workshops to help others create the same passion for the skill she found herself.  They both have everything Natalie found beneficial to her handstand development so you can learn everything you need to know. 


Natalie Fisher who, by trade is a graphic designer has spent the last few years falling in love with and learning the art of handstands. As it is something that she is passionate about, since Covid-19 lockdown she turned her understanding and love to teaching and created The Handstand Movement to simplify the learning of handstands, helping beginners understand what they need to be able to stand on their hands.

Natalie started to learn handstands as adult and had no prior experience as a child, this means she fully understands the frustrations of being a complete beginner. Naturally her focus is to  help keep you motivated and encourage you not to give up because, even though you can learn a lot in 30 days, the process of learning a  handstand can take a lot longer.

Even though Natalie has learnt a lot and created the program, she is constantly working on progressing her skills and knowledge by participating in a variety of courses. This ongoing development will allow the Handstand Movement to keep going from strength to strength. 




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