At the Handstand Movement we are all about helping beginners and our program has been designed to take you from no experience in hand balancing to a comfortable bilateral straight handstand. In this program you will start by learning about how to prepare your body to perform a handstand. This includes a warm up focusing on the wrists, conditioning the whole body and working on opening the shoulders. Shoulder mobility is an important, but not often thought about aspect to being able to hold a straight, freestanding handstand. You will also learn how to align your body correctly along with drills to help find your balance.


We now have two different levels to the program, these are:

Level 1 – Complete beginners or anyone who hasn’t already tried our beginners program.

Level 2 – Beginners who may have tried our first program or have been training handstand for a while that feel they need help progressing or aiming to improve their alignment or even gain more air time!

Both levels of the Beginners Handstand Program consist of  the following:

  • Full Body Warm Up
  • Stretching
  • Mobility
  • Strength & Conditioning Exercises
  • Handstand Drills
  • Cool Down

We recommend you repeat every week for 4 weeks intially and then continue until you find them too easy. The only way to judge your progress and to actually make progress is through repetition, this will also make it easier for you as you go along as you should know by the second week what it is you need to do. In each workout there is a guide on reps and time, at the start please just do what you can and don’t try and push yourself too much and cause any injuries.

At the start of your program we ask you to film four test exercises and send them to THM (The Handstand Movement). This gives THM the ability to see your starting point and assess areas that may need improving, this will be person specific. Knowing your areas of improvement will help you develop your handstand as you will be aware of the focal points of your training. The individualistic support is one of the many reasons, the Handstand Movement has many success stories.

When you purchase the program you will also receive a STUDENT DISCOUNT to use on any of our products in the future.


The workouts will be available for you to watch on YouTube via the pdf that you will be able to download after purchasing.

Each of the exercises / drills come with instructional videos and provide guidance for all levels. The programme has been designed to not only develop your handstands, but increase your strength and mobility.

Alongside the four workouts you will also have access to CARs (Controlled Articular Rotations) and wrist strengthening exercises.

Should you need help or advice you can either message via the app or drop THM a message on Instagram @handstandmvmt and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Feel free to tag us in any photos or videos, we love seeing how you get on!

Good luck, have fun and we look forward to seeing your progress!!!


Lifetime access to the beginners handstand program is £35.
This means you will have access to the workouts via the pdf forever.
We know that being able to hold a freestanding handstand will take some people longer than others which is why we have give you lifetime access to make sure you can make the most of it.


How long can I use the beginners programme?

As long as you want. Once you have purchased you have lifetime access to the pdf program.

How long does each workout last?

Each workout can last anywhere between 1 hour to 1 hour 30 minutes.

I can already kick up into handstand but struggling to hold, is this program for me?

This program is for both complete beginners and anyone who's confident getting upside down but struggling to get a hold. Often when learning a handstand people spend a lot of time kicking up and not focusing on the right drills and strength exercises they need to be able to hold. In this program you will learn the fundamentals of a handstand and what it is that may be stopping you from getting air time.

Do I have to be strong and flexible to do the program?

Being both of the above certainly helps and is an advantage but it's not a requirement. This program has been designed to build your strength and flexibility and most people have areas they can improve so we will make sure you have something to work on.

How long will it take it me to hold a straight freestanding handstand?

This is where everyone differs and it all depends on your strengths and areas you can improve. Being able to hold a handstand isn't just about strength and flexibility you also need to be able to connect your mind and body together (mind muscle connection) and really understand what it is you need to do to hold a handstand. In the program you will learn all the basic fundamentals you need to hold a handstand and be able to work on them as you go along in your journey.

Do I need a training partner?

This program has been designed so you can train by yourself but training with someone can be more fun so go ahead and get upside down with others if you can.

Can I combine this with other training?

This all depends on what your other training is and whether you have time to fit it all in. Handstands can be taxing on the body so please ensure you rest your body and get enough sleep.

Do I need any equipment?

All you really need for this program is some space and a wall. If you have a yoga block this will help in one of the exercises along with a yoga strap and a foam roller to help with stretching.




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